DOGE420 treasury
Fully Transparent treasury for the DOGE420 Token
DOGE420 will be earned by staking DOGE2 on the Mac& Meme platform. This feature is not yet live. Regardless we have decided to list DOGE420 on Quickswap. Please note that the ownership is still highly concetrated, liquidity will probably be low which could result in high volatility and high risk. Reason for listing DOGE420 prior to the launch is to let the market find the right value. Tokens need to have some value(even if it's low) and have to be available on the open market for exchange. This is to incentivize the users of up and coming Mac& Meme platform to hold and stake their tokens, as well as return daily to harvest their rewards!
Token Name: DOGE420
Website: Total Supply: 420,420,420,420.00 Contract Adress: 0x2b22422dA881CA403141D151453e4a163C98061f Current Distribution: (90%) 378,378,378,378 DOGE420: Locked & Reserved for long-term staking and use on the platform. Tokens are LOCKED in a smart contract that requires time-delay of roughly 24hours between initiation and actual withdrawal of the tokens, ensuring safety and transaprency for all users 0x152287b24A5337C7047CCbf10150241077c49dDB (10%) 42,042,042,042 DOGE420: 6.5% for XVMC holders 1% public airdrop 2.5% dev fund Risk disclaimer: Liquidity on DOGE420 will be low at the beginning which can result in wide price fluctuations, high volatility and extreme risk. You can lose all of your money. Trade DOGE420 on quickswap
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